🏆 Sora’s 2023
Employee Experience Awards

Sora’s employee experience awards aim to recognize individuals and organizations who are challenging the status quo when it comes to onboarding and employee experience.

Sora Employe Experience Awards

The Awards

We celebrate those making a difference by prioritizing the employee journey and driving change in how HR teams operate.

Sora is proud to announce the Nominees for the 2023 Onboarding and People Experience Awards, a recognition of the outstanding individuals and companies innovating the employee journey.

Sora has narrowed down the leading organizations in the employee experience and onboarding space. Our nominee class of 2023 is composed of innovators and exceptional leaders making their mark, pushing the envelope, and leading with their people at the forefront of their mind.

From this esteemed list of Nominees, we are asking the HR community and broader network of professionals to help us select the winners of the 2023 Onboarding and People Experience Awards.

Explore all Nominee categories below, read about the impressive accomplishments of these Nominees, and vote for your favorites to be selected as the winners!

🫴 Most Influential People Professional 

These nominees bring creativity and a solution-oriented mindset to all they do. They stay in tune with what's going on, so they can consistently improve processes around employee needs. These nominees are always looking for ways to make things more efficient to upgrade the employee experience.

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The nominees

🗣️ Strongest Employee Advocate

The nominees for this award illustrate what it means to care about their fellow employees. Nominees are innovating and redefining what it means to be in HR. They have a high degree of empathy while focusing on retention and employee experience. Here are the nominees for the 2023 Strongest Employee Advocate award.

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The nominees

🫶 Exceptional Employee Experience 

These nominees create a welcoming, employee-centered atmosphere. They source and implement opportunities for connection, like mentorship and buddy programs, to strengthen the team and the individuals within it. They make it a point to celebrate important milestones and provide opportunities to collect and implement feedback.

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The nominees