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Never miss another birthday with Sora’s free Slack bot

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Birthday messages everyone is excited for  🎈

Sora keeps track of it, so you don’t have to

Everyone comes together to celebrate

Your co-workers feel seen and valued

Showing your appreciation doesn’t cost anything

Setup is a piece of cake 🍰

Here’s how it works

Add the Sora app to Slack with one click

Install Celebrate right from this page! Click “add to Slack”, login with Google or Microsoft, and follow the prompts.

Customize your birthday message

Follow the walkthrough to create a personalized message and select which of your Slack channels it will be sent to.

Celebrate collects birth dates

Employees simply select their birthday (without the year) in a direct Slack message from Celebrate. Then, it’s added to their profile.

Everything keeps up to date

New hires automatically get added, while employees are automatically removed if their Slack is deactivated.

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