The perfect first day for your new hires

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We'll guide you through the ideal first day for your new hires and show you:

An onboarding experience that excites, informs, and engages each new hire


How to introduce your new hires to their teammates with the perfect welcome lunch


Why you need to create free time for breaks and to allow casual exploration of tools & resources


How to give high-level overviews on tools, team structure, company culture, and your product 

Your new hires’ first day is the biggest moment of onboarding. It’s vital for making them feel welcome  at your company and getting them excited to start their new role. But what does the perfect first day look like? And which topics are pivotal to cover?

Hosted by

Amanda Bowen

Operations at Sora

Formerly People Ops at Plaid

Justin Megahan

Hiring Manager at Sora