Configuring your Jira on-premises integration

To integrate your on-premises Jira with Sora, you'll need to have admin access in Jira and integrations management permission in Sora.

1. Generate RSA Key

In Sora, navigate to Jira Service Desk Integration Settings. You can find it by going to the Settings page and then to the Integrations segment and selecting Jira Service Desk in the integrations sidebar.

Click the Generate RSA key button

This creates the private RSA key that you'll use to integrate Sora with Jira Service Desk.

Keep this tab open for reference on future steps.

2. Create an application link

Next, you'll need to create the application link in JIRA. You can review Jira's help doc here.

While following Jira's instructions, the first Application link screen page will look like this:

Only the Application Name and Application Type fields are required. The rest can be left blank.

Now click Continue to go to the next screen. Here is where you'll enter your integration info from Sora.

The first information you'll need from Sora is the Consumer key. Switch back to your Sora tab. Under "1. Copy Consumer key to jiraservicedesk platform" click the Copy button.

Now paste it into the Consumer key field in Jira.

In Sora, click the Copy button under "2. Copy Public Key to jiraservicedesk platform."

In Jira, paste it into the Public key field and then click the Continue button to create the Application link.

3. Add your API root URL

To get your API Root URL, simply log into Jira and look at the URL. Copy everything up until "". It should look something like:

Then paste that into the API Root URL field in Sora.

4. Integrate with Jira

Now, in Sora, click the Log in to setup integration button.

This will trigger a pop-up window from Jira asking you to approve the read and write access for Sora. Click Allow.

Back on the Sora settings page, there will still be two blank fields, Maintainer Username and API Token. These fields are not used for on-premises instances of Jira, so they can be left blank.

Now click the Save button in Sora.

5. Reach out to your Sora success representative

Then reach out to your success rep at Sora, they'll verify the integration and turn on the Jira assignment task type for you.

You'll need to have a couple pieces of information for them:

Your Portal URL which you can find in in Jira by navigating to Project Settings and then clicking Portal Settings.

And the Issue type (or types) you would like create with a Sora task assignment.

To see all your issue types in Jira, go to Project settings and then the Issue types page.

6. Create task assignments in Jira

Now, when you're creating a task assignment in a Sora workflow, you'll see a Create task in section in the task options.

Select Jira from the dropdown and when the task assignment is created it will automatically be sent to Jira.