Configuring your Lever integration

1. Generate a Lever API key

To generate a Lever API key you need to be a Lever Enterprise admin.

First, in Lever, navigate to the Settings page.

In the left sidebar select Integrations and API

Then select the API credentials tab and under the Lever API credentials tab click the Generate new key button.

2. Allow read for endpoint

Now click the Select all read preset and make sure to select all checkboxes under Read endpoints. You will not need to select any checkboxes under Write endpoints.

3. Paste the Lever API key in Sora

Now copy the newly generated Lever API key, head on over to the Lever integration page in Sora, and paste in your API key.

4. Reach out to your Sora representative

To get your webhook key, contact your Sora representative.

Once the Lever integration is active you will be able to trigger adding an employee to the workflow by updating a new hire's status in Lever.