Configuring your Slack integration in Sora

1. Create a new Slack App:

First, you'll need to create a Slack app at

This is your opportunity to customize the name of your slack bot, this will be the name seen by your employees when Sora sends them messages, so feel free to get creative (or not).

Q: Why do we ask you to create a custom bot rather than use a one-click integration?

A: This allows you to control the name, logo, and feel of the interaction. The simpler method would retain more Sora branding and offer our customers less control over their employee experience.

2. Ensure that new app has Bot Token Scopes:

Next, give your app the necessary permissions at APP ID /oauth.

chat: write
users: read
users: read:email
(redistribute app auth key after adding scope)

3. Save Slack Auth Key to Sora:

Now navigate to the Slack integrations screen in Sora at (you'll need to be an Admin).

4. Reach out to your Sora representative

For custom slack messages, reach out to your Sora account rep and let us know the slack integration is complete, we will turn on the slack message type and it will appear alongside emails as an automation option during task creation in Sora.