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What UKG does

UKG's - formerly UltiPro - human capital management solution provides People teams with a powerful platform that spans the breadth of HR functions. With UKG, talent management, payroll, time management, and more can be easily managed from one platform for increased efficiency and compliance.

During onboarding, People teams use UKG to create employee profiles based on information transferred over from the ATS - like their name, compensation details, and job title. The employee's profile is typically updated with more information as onboarding moves along to add things like their manager's information, sizing and preferences for company swag, bank account information for payroll, and other personal items.

What Sora does

With Sora you can automate the repetitive HR work in your employee onboarding, so you spend less time on tedious tasks and more time delivering a great employee experience.

Collaborate with your team to design a delightful onboarding journey in Sora. Automatically send personalized emails, assign tasks, get approvals, collect surveys and forms, and add new hires to your HRIS.

Connect the tools in your HR stack to begin onboarding as soon as a candidate is marked as hired in your ATS, send offer letters and contracts from DocuSign, create tickets in your IT system, send messages and add new hires to channels in Slack, and build out a robust employee profile in your HRIS.

Screenshot of the Greenhouse Job Dashboard

How UKG and Sora work together

Create an employee

Sora >> UKG

Update a new hire's status in your Applicant Tracking System to trigger Sora to create an employee profile for them in UKG.

Sync employee data

Sora >> UKG

Sync data about your new hire from your Applicant Tracking System to UKG and avoid tediously entering the same data over again.

Send a cupcake

UKG >> Sora

Use employees start dates from UKG to trigger the delivery of a cupcake on their anniversary.

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