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What BambooHR does

Screenshot of the BambooHR Dashboard

BambooHR is an HRIS best known for its powerful employee database management. With BambooHR you can easily manage robust employee profiles, complete with current and historical information around job title and manager, compensation, and PTO.

Along with the employee database, BambooHR offers a set of tools for tracking applicants through the hiring process, sending documents for electronic signature, requesting and approving time off, and conducting employee satisfaction and performance surveys.

How BambooHR and Sora work together

Create an employee

ATS  »  SORA  »  BambooHR

Updating a new hire's status in your Applicant Tracking System to trigger Sora to create an employee profile for the new hire in BambooHR. 

Send an anniversary cupcake

BambooHR  »  SorA  »  Cupcake

Use employees start dates from BambooHR to trigger the delivery of a cupcake on their anniversary.

Sync employee data

ATS   »  Sora  »  BambooHR

Sync data about your new hire from your Applicant Tracking System to BambooHR and avoid tediously entering the same data over again.

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