Automate with Sora to get the most from Greenhouse

How Greenhouse and Sora work together

Start onboarding workflow

Greenhouse » Sora

Update status to "hired" in Greenhouse to add the new hire to your onboarding workflow in Sora.

Sync new hire data

Greenhouse » Sora

Pull data about your new hire from Greenhouse into Sora and avoid tediously entering the same data over and over again.

Assign tasks

Greenhouse » Sora

Change a candidate's status in Greenhouse and automatically create and assign vetting tasks, like ordering a background check.

What Greenhouse does

Screenshot of the Greenhouse Job Dashboard

Greenhouse is a popular application tracking system, used by many growing companies to manage their process for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring job candidates.

Along with its set of tools for tracking applicants through the hiring process, Greenhouse offers inclusion tools for hiring the best team and a talent management system for building a database of potential future candidates.

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