Pricing that works for you


Built for rapidly growing companies

  • Build and automate workflows that scale with your growth

  • Craft the perfect experience for each and every employee

Starting at $99/month


The tools, integrations, and services that a growing enterprise needs

  • Hands-on implementation using learned best practices

  • Enterprise-ready security and compliance

  • Customized contracts and master service agreements

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No feature-gating, no-nonsense

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Hands-on support from people who care

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Unlimited tools, unlimited workflows

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who counts as an employee?

If they exist in your HRIS, they’ll be added to Sora and count towards your employee headcount.

What happens when we grow?

For the sake of pricing, employees are counted at the start of each pay period. So on a monthly plan, if you add employees, your cost will increase the following month.

But on an annual plan, your cost won’t increase until the next year. This means that companies on annual plans grow all year for free.

Is it really this simple?

Yes. Yes, it is.