HR automation for growing companies

Automate and personalize employee onboarding, offboarding, and all the key moments in between.

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Delivering a personalized employee experience in person

Craft the perfect experience for each and every employee

Communicate with each employee differently, based on team, location, tenure, or custom tags. Send all new sales managers in NYC to specific training or manage visa sponsorship for international employees living in the US.

HR coordinator managing tasks in an employee workflow

Invest your time in people, not spreadsheets

Growing companies want people teams to engage and retain employees. Instead, they’re spending all their time managing spreadsheets full of the tedious tasks it takes to get employees onboarded and offboarded.

Illustration of sending emails, assigning tasks, sending surveys, managing forms, and sending gifts

Turn your spreadsheets into a repeatable workflow

Set up a plan and let it run automatically — from importing a candidate from an ATS and starting your onboarding workflow, to starting your offboarding workflow and deleting an employee’s I-9 three years later.

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Schedule emails

Congratulate new hires, coordinate travel, notify managers and more by crafting extremely customizable emails — from scratch or starting with a template.

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Assign tasks

IT needs to set up a computer and accounts. Managers need to schedule a team lunch. We’ll let them know at the right time, and send reminders automatically when due dates are coming up. No more chasing people down.

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Send surveys

Technology preferences automatically gathered and sent to IT. Fun questions to introduce a new hire sent to their whole team. Onboarding feedback right to your inbox. Without lifting a finger.

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Send gifts

From welcome swag to anniversary cupcakes, Sora has you covered.