Configuring your UltiPro integration

To configure your UltiPro integration with Sora you will need to have system administrator rights in UltiPro.

1. Navigate to System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration

2. In “Add/Change Service Account,” enter the following information:

User name: Sora

Password: (choose a secure password between 4 and 15 characters, and make sure to send it to us via secure PDF, over the phone, or via Slack so it can be deleted)

E-mail: <your company name>

For example, or 

3. For each of the web services listed, check “Add” “View” and “Edit” (not “Delete”)

4. Click the green “save” button in the top right corner

5. Now navigate to System Configuration > Security > Web Services

6. Send your Sora integrations expert the information on the Web Services page, either as a screenshot, PDF, or by copying and pasting all of the information in a secure communication.