Configuring your Greenhouse integration

To configure Greenhouse with Sora you'll need to create an API key and set up a webhook.

You'll need to be a Site Admin in Greenhouse to access the controls to do this.

Creating your Greenhouse API key

To give Sora API access to retrieve information from your Greenhouse you will need to provide an API key and set permissions.

1. Go to Settings indicated by the settings icon.

2. Go to Dev Center.

3. Go to API Credential Management.

4. Click Create New API Key.

5. When a modal titled Create new credential shows up, input the following description and type before clicking Create:

Description: Sora

Type: Harvest

6. You should now be in a view called Mange API Key Permissions. Click the green box with the key icon and API Key to copy it. * You will need to paste this API key directly into Sora in Settings > Integrations > Greenhouse.

7. Below this you will see a series of permissions you can toggle on and off. Check the Select All box.

8. Now just click Update.

Creating a webhook

You will also need to set up webhooks so we can listen to updates from your Greenhouse instance when there is a change made to a Candidate.

1. Go to Settings indicated by the settings icon.

2. Go to Dev Center.

3. Go to Web Hooks.

4. Go to Web Hooks at the top of the list.

5. You should now be on a page titled Create A New Web Hook. This web hook is the event that will import a candidate into Sora and add them to the onboarding workflow. In this example the candidate is added to Sora when the candidate is marked as hired. Fill out the following details before clicking Create Web hook.

  1. Name this web hook: Sora Candidate Hired
  2. When: Candidate has been hired
  3. End point URL: You will need to get this from Sora.
  4. Secret key: You will need to get this from Sora.
  5. Error recipient email:
  6. Disabled?: No.

YOU’RE DONE! Now save your settings in both Greenhouse and Sora and you’re good to go.