8 ways to use dashboard cards

July 14, 2023

So much of the work in the HR and People world is about getting the right information to the right people.

And a lot of that happens “reactively”. Which is a nice way of saying, we all get these pings and emails and Slack messages, and then we have to track down an answer and respond.

That takes up a ton of time and isn’t really the best experience for anyone involved. It’s so much better to be “proactive” and get the information to people before they even know they need it. Avoid the pings and emails altogether.

And there are different good ways to do that in Sora. Like automated emails in your onboarding workflow to answer new hires’ questions about their first day or their benefits package before they have it.

Another great way to proactively get information in front of the right people is Sora dashboard cards.

With dashboard cards you have complete control over what an employee sees as soon as they log in to Sora. And it can be completely customized for the employee. Want to only show something to employees in a certain office, or in a certain department? With dashboard cards, you can do just that.

There are really endless possibilities for dashboard cards, but here are 8 examples of how you can start proactively getting out information across your organization using dashboard cards.

1) Assist your newly hired employees in locating pertinent information

An effective method of using Dashboard Cards is to offer relevant information to new hires. These cards are easy to navigate and provide a central location for important details, instructions, and tools that are necessary for a seamless onboarding process. With Dashboard Cards, new employees can easily find information and resources like their employee handbook, PTO policy, and contact information for questions about their pay.

2) Promote information on your upcoming company event

If you have an upcoming company event or offsite, consider using dashboard cards to keep your team informed. These cards are an excellent way to share important information such as details about lodging, submitting expenses, and trip preparations. Your team will appreciate having all the pertinent information in one place before the trip.

3) Share about an upcoming company holiday

Use a dashboard card to share a little bit about an upcoming holiday. Whether it’s just celebrating national donut day or reminding everyone about a day off, it’s easy to do it quickly and easily with a dashboard card. And take the time to give everyone context about holidays to help cultivate an environment of belonging and inclusion!

4) Allow hiring managers to get info in front of only their team

The People and HR team could do a fantastic job getting all the important information in front of each new hire, but there’s bound to be a bunch of team specific info that a hiring manager will want to get in front of a new team member as well. With a quick dashboard card, filtered by employee department, it’s a breeze.

5) Share pertinent information about visiting the office

Utilizing dashboard cards is a great way to share important information about your office policies. This includes details such as parking locations, office policies, and frequently asked questions. By keeping your employees informed and on the same page, you encourage a positive and productive work environment.

6) Track ongoing company-wide projects

It's important to keep your employees informed about the status of company-wide projects, especially when it comes to surveys they have submitted. Don't leave them wondering what's going on, provide timely updates with dashboard cards.

7) Spotlight a customer success story

Highlight the accomplishments and victories of your esteemed customers! By highlighting their journey and sharing their successes, you can motivate your team and inspire them to strive for excellence. Remember to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that went into achieving these milestones, and use these stories as a source of inspiration for future projects!

8) Celebrate meaningful company milestones

Another effective strategy to celebrate and appreciate your organization's achievements is by utilizing dashboard cards. These cards can help you showcase your company's progress and success over time, which can be a great morale booster for your team. By highlighting important milestones and accomplishments, you can spread positivity and celebration throughout your organization.

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