Bringing Sora to more People teams

July 21, 2020

Companies want their People teams to create great employee experiences. They know that engaged employees are better employees. They make for a better workplace, they're more productive, and they're more likely to be retained.

But managing employee experiences takes a lot of time and effort. It starts with onboarding and ends with offboarding, but there’s so much in between: performance reviews, comp adjustments, parental leave requests. And it all requires sending countless emails and follow-ups; collecting forms and entering data in multiple tools; scheduling meetings, orientations, and check-ins.

So People teams are already overwhelmed, but they’re being asked to do more and more. They’re developing programs for learning and development to empower and advance employees' careers, and managing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs to make the workplace better for everyone, all while still managing all the administrative work undertaken by traditional HR departments.

The workload has become too much to keep up with. So the work suffers – and along with it, the employee experience and the company.

We built Sora to help overwhelmed People teams create great employee experiences. With Sora, people teams can connect HR tools and automate processes, freeing time to focus on creating engaging employee experiences.

Sora gets all of your data in one place. It allows People teams to consolidate all of their out-of-sync and siloed employee data into one birds-eye view of an employee. Once connected to existing tools, Sora can automate all of the tedious tasks it takes to manage an employee experience – sending emails, collecting and updating employee data, checking in to see if an important task is done, and updating the status in some shared spreadsheet – so they can focus on the people part.

Using Sora, People teams simply take the tasks from their processes and add each one to an automated workflow. Then, when the time is right, add employees to the workflow — also automatically.

Sora allows companies to keep best-in-class tools in every part of their HR stack by eliminating the biggest issue: disjointed data. Rather than sacrificing on functionality in each area to get an all-in-one view, Sora connects data and strings workflows together across your recruiting, HR, payroll, performance management, and other tools.

From the very beginning, Sora worked with the People team at Mixpanel to develop a tool that works for growing companies, because we deeply understood their problems. (Laura and Orien, our cofounders, met working at Mixpanel.) All along the way, we worked with a variety of People teams to make sure we were building tools that would work for all companies, across different needs and use cases. 

Beginning in early 2020, we made Sora available to more companies, and today it’s being used by People teams at companies like Affirm, TrueCar, and Sendoso.

Today we're announcing $5.3m in funding, led by First Round Capital, to help us bring Sora to more companies and empower more overwhelmed People teams to create better, more engaging employee experiences.

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