What's new at Sora – December 2021

November 18, 2021

New integrations with DocuSign and Okta!

We've brought two more popular tools into Sora, allowing People teams to automate even more steps in their workflows – DocuSign and Okta!

With the DocuSign integration, Sora will be able to create and send a new document from an existing template, and even include custom fields.

And with the Okta integration, your team will be able to securely log in to Sora without creating and remembering yet another login and password. Plus, you'll then be able to automatically provision and de-provision tools in Okta from a Sora workflow.

Read the help docs to learn more

Configuring your DocuSign integration

Configuring your Okta integration

Workflow self-enrollment

When it comes to adding employees to a workflow, the right way is probably going to depend on the workflow itself. And for workflows like PTO or Parental Leave, you might want to allow employees to kick off those workflows themselves. And now in Sora, it's simple to do that by giving employees a button right on their Sora dashboard.

Read the help doc to learn more
Allowing employees to self-enroll in workflows

Conditional text blocks

If you’ve created automated emails in Sora, you probably know how to include variables like first name or start date to personalize the email for the recipient, but sometimes you want to make bigger changes to an email based on the employee. Like maybe including a completely different paragraph with instructions for their first day depending on what office location they are working in.

Previously you could do that in Sora using separate emails tasks and filters, but that can get a little messy and hard to maintain. But now you can make all those personalizations while upkeep only one automated email task using conditional text blocks.

Read the advanced help doc to learn more
Using conditional text blocks in an automated email

People job board

Looking to build out your People team? People is a job board from Sora, exclusively for HR & People Ops opportunities. Find your next role or share your team’s job listing with us and let us help you find your next teammate!

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